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                     The company formerly known as " Changzhou electric resistance factory " founded in 1969, restructured into private company in 1999.The company in 1985 from the United States MEFTECH company introduced a complete set of wire wound resistor production line, especiallyafter the reform and the introduction of a number of a full set of productionlines, to acquire high precision testing instrument, the company has strong technical force, can timely developed the different requirements of customers of new products, with advanced process control level to create reliable products.

                     The company's products have RX27 porcelain shell power wire wound resistor; RX21, RX25 by paint type power wire wound resistor; film resistors;miniature fuse cartridge fuse (fuse); inductors, coils of the transformer, the annual production capacity of not less than 100000000, the company hasobtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, all productshave been obtained respectively CQC, 3C certificate.

                     In the management of daily work should always adhere to all efforts, there is no best, only better; in the company build up not defeated staff, only thedefeat of the management team, set up to sell products as selling the integrity of the enterprise culture atmosphere. The company's quality policy:"quality oriented, customer satisfaction has been appointed".