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                  ProductName:RX21 (RX1) wire wound resistor
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                  Use: This product is applicable to DC or AC low frequency circuits as partial pressure, shunt, load, and sampling resistor.
                  Features: With ceramic core, it features high temperature resistance, good insulation performance, strong overload capacity (withstand 6.25, 10 times rated power within 5 seconds).
                  Working environmental conditions:
                  Environment temperature: -55 ---275
                  Relative humidity: (95 3)% (40
                  Atmospheric pressure: 8.5Kpa
                  Vibration: vibration frequency of 10 - 500Hz
                  Overload: resistance variation in (2%R - 0.05 Euro).
                  Temperature coefficient: 50PPM/%, 100PPM, 250PPM/% (can be customized to less than 50PPM/%)
                  Accuracy: 5% (J 2%), (G), 1% (F), 0.5% (D),
                  Resistance range
                  Features: Low resistance is extended to 0.0082 Ohm
                  High resistance is extended to 160000 Ohm (160K
                  And can be customized resistance accuracy of 0.5% products.

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